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Self-Mastery Teachings & Meditation

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Service Description

In this class, Arica starts by sharing spiritual teachings (non-religious) based on the Universal Law and Ascended Masters Teaching. Learn self-mastery and start living a life you deserve to live. An ascended master is also a self-aware being. Yet an ascended master has raised or accelerated its self-awareness, so it is no longer focused in the material realm.  Instead, it is focused in a realm of higher vibrations, which we normally call the spiritual realm. Going through this acceleration process, which culminates in a process called the ascension, is the potential of every self-aware being. You have the potential to raise your self-awareness, until you attain mastery over your own mind and mastery over the material realm.  You can then make a quantum leap and raise your self-awareness to an entirely new level, where you no longer need a material body.  Instead, you function within a light “body,” made from the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm. Some ascended masters have been in embodiment on earth, just like you and I.  For example, the ascended masters like Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Lord Maitreya, Saint Germaine, Kuan Yin, Lady Nada, etc. They know exactly what we are going through, because they have struggled with the density of the material world just like we struggle. And that is why they can serve as the perfect teachers for showing us how we can avoid reinventing the wheel and making the same mistakes all over again. Instead, we can follow the trail that the masters have blazed through the jungle of the human consciousness.  This class is especially for spiritual seekers who are looking for answers, who questions why certain things happened to themselves and in the world, and who are interested to learn how to take dominion of their own lives, to go on a path towards self-mastery and ascension, and ultimately enlightenment.  The profound and practical teachings will enhance your personal path towards a higher state of consciousness.   Towards the end of the class, Arica will guide you through meditation to internalise the teachings and lessons we need to learn towards self-mastery.

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We have a 24 hours notice policy for cancellation of scheduled private sessions. Please notify us as soon as you can if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Client may be charged the full rate for missing appointment without notice.

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