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Relationship is forever at the forefront of people’s interest no matter where we  are and whom we are.  Relationship runs our lives, it is more than romantic relationship.  It includes relationships with our parents, children, family members, friends and work colleagues, and even relationship with ourselves!  Making relationships work is thus the front and centre on everyone’s mind.  




Relationship dynamics is a predictable or repeated pattern of interaction or communication between two or more people, creating cycle that are self-reinforcing and self-perpetuating.  We can also refer relationship dynamics as results of the way we interact, communicate and work with others.   


Negative cycles lead to emotional and physical disconnection between people, which can also create suffering in our lives in the form of depression, anxiety or physical ailments, etc.  One might blame the other person for what happen(s) in their relationships, but in reality we are the one who is fully responsible for all experiences in our lives.  Blaming others or sitting on it will not help things get better.  We either have to work on it actively on our own or seek professional help.


Therefore, it is very important to understand relationship dynamics as it is part of relationship development, growth and building.  It can help make a massive difference in each of our relationships. It will put us in a position of clarity & empowerment, allowing us to have more loving & harmonious relationships.




Often times, we are being triggered into negative responses and reactions before we can understand what actually happened.  Our internal operating system naturally responded with “flight, fight or fix”, because of the stored experiences in the form of memories which also reside in our nervous system and subconscious mind.  It formulates how we view the world, how we view ourselves and our relationships.  It is a program that determines our perceptions, beliefs, strengths, inner conflicts as well as self-imposed limitations, thus triggering us to feel, act and behave in certain ways.  Educations, religions, cultures, social influences, etc. all form part of the programming in how we approach relationships in all areas of our lives.


In my own experience as well as my observations on others I work with, sometimes we do understand the situation and consciously do not wish to “react” negatively, but our body and our nervous system get into the automatic response and reaction mode.  We start to feel negative emotions and physical symptoms such as tightness in chest area and hot flashes.  These emotions drive us into action and we end up in confrontation, blame and victimisation. However, we can learn how to “re-program” our internal operating system so that our body is coherent with our consciousness.  



While there are many counsellors available to the public to help people improve relationships mainly through secular approach, I like to also include spirituality and metaphysics in my counselling & coaching.  Because in reality, the nature of this world involves the psychic and mystical dynamics that are fundamental factors to understanding the energy interplay between people in relationships. 


As a coach, I look at patterns created between the people in any of the relationships I help, including the individual’s and family history, life experiences and authoritative influences, etc.  The main objective is to get to the heart of the matter so that you are aware of what create(s) your current situation, and learn to use appropriate tools to manage the automatic reactions, responses and judgement that impact the relationships.  You will then be able to confidently handle challenges that come up.  I incorporate different healing modalities such as Lucia Light Experience, Hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR, and meditation, so that you can create an opportunity for profound healing and growth.


If it is your desire, I can help you in your journey of self-healing and self-actualisation by developing a profound understanding and relationship with yourself.