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What is an Ascended Master?

An Ascended Master is like us, a self-aware being who raised or accelerated its self-awareness and ascended to the Spiritual Realm. However, instead of focusing on the material realm where we are now, it focuses on a realm of higher vibrations, which we usually call the spiritual realm.

The ascension process is going through this acceleration process of raising its vibration. It is the potential of every self-aware being to grow our self-awareness until we attain mastery over our mind and mastery over the material realm. We can make a quantum leap and raise our self-awareness to an entirely new level, where we no longer need a material body. Instead, we function within a light "body", made of the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm.

Some Ascended Masters have been in embodiment on Earth, just like you and I. Thus they know precisely how difficult it is for us to go through what we are going through on this very dense and challenging planet. Therefore, they are perfect teachers for showing us how we can ascend just like them without having to make the same mistakes repeatedly. Many of these Ascended Masters have now chosen to come back to Earth to teach us to help raise the collective consciousness of the Earth towards our ascension. They also help with the ascension of Mother Earth.

It is believed that we have come to a stage where it is possible to ascend in this lifetime and choose to continue to have our material body (physical body) on Earth. And whatever we have learned and remembered in this lifetime, we will not forget ever again if we choose to come back in embodiment on Earth since the veil of forgetfulness has started to lift, becoming thinner and thinner with the ascension of Mother Earth.

The hierarchy of the Ascended Masters

Beings in the realm created our material realm right above us in vibration. Thus these beings are what we usually call Ascended Masters or Ascended Hosts. These are the beings in all spheres above us, and many interact with us here on Earth.

From our vantage point, we can talk about several hierarchy levels that exist in the sphere right above ours. First, however, it is essential to note that the hierarchy in the spiritual realm is not like the hierarchy on EarthEarth. It does not mean that there are "higher ranked" or "lower-ranked" or have "bosses". Instead, the ranking indicates that each being has its role, and they work together as One regardless.

In terms of all of the following positions in the hierarchy, it is vital to consider that there are offices. For example, on Earth, a specific holding an office, but that being can be replaced by another being over time. Thus, the Archangel of the First Ray is an office and has been held by various beings throughout time. The same is true for all other offices. As we ascend, we have the potential to fill some of these offices. This might explain why various spiritual teachings associate different names with these offices.

Newly Ascended Masters

When a being ascends from the material world, it usually takes some time to explore its new self-awareness and the spiritual realm it now has conscious access to. Yet some masters have already been involved with teaching human beings before they ascended, so they may indeed immediately begin to fill a teaching position for Earth's human beings. There are many Ascended Masters who had walked on Earth. We are very familiar with some of them, such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Lord Maitreya, Saint Germaine, Paul the Venetian, Mother Mary, Master El Morya, Lord Babaji, and many others. One of the known newly Ascended Master is Guru Ma, whose last embodiment on Earth was Elizabeth Claire Prophet..

The Chohans

There are seven spiritual rays, the primary energy spectra from which the material universe is made of. To understand it, in the Bible, it says, "Let there be Light", and the material world was created. As we know it, light is into seven rainbow colours, and each colour has its level of vibration. For example, red being the lowest in vibration and violet being the highest in vibration that our physical eyes can see. Though the seven spiritual rays are not the same as our rainbow colours, it is one way to understand what the material universe is made of. It also corresponds with our seven chakras. To walk the spiritual path and qualify for ascension, we must attain mastery and balance all seven rays. Thus we can see the spiritual path as a structured process, where we learn from each of the seven rays. Even though ascension itself is never a structured process, the ascended masters have released teachings to us in such a way that our minds can easily understand.

To facilitate this learning, there are several Ascended Masters who are seeking to help us pass the initiations represented by their rays. The leaders of this group of teachers are called the "Chohan", and thus each ray has a Chohan. It is like a headmaster of a particular school.

The Chohans typically present themselves as masculine or feminine. However, not all Chohans have a counterpart of the complementary polarity. For example, a masculine Chohan may not have a feminine counterpart, either because it has not yet ascended or because it has moved on to other realms and is not directly working with Earth.

The Archangels

One branch of ascended beings who are not created to take embodiment are the angels. Angels have many different assignments, but from our vantage point, the angels assigned to helping us grow are the most helpful. These angels are also organized according to the seven rays. Groups of angels are often referred to as "bands", and each band has a leader, with the title "Archangel". Thus, there is an archangel for each of the seven rays.