The Great Awakening

Recently we have seen a Great Awakening happening on Earth, when many people are now starting to see the lies and manipulations by the mainstream medias, Government, entertainment industries, and the power elites, etc. Many people are so called “red pilled” and have called themselves awakened, and many believe and hope that with the so called certain movement going on, with some of the leaders taking certain actions and operations to take down the power elites, the humanity will be freed and saved. For the spiritual ones, they believe that this is the shift into the new Earth.

While it is great to see the Great Awakening on the existence of the power elites manipulating humanity on Earth, however the Earth will not be shifted into a higher vibration until the collective consciousness of the people on Earth do.

With this so called awakened people, it is observed that they are not truly awakened to the fallen consciousness or the anti-christ consciousness, how humanity had been tricked into the power struggle or war between the relative good and the relative evil. We have to understand that we live in a world that has polarity, the duality consciousness. How do we solve a problem with the same duality consciousness that created the problem in the first place? Now we see a group of “awakened” and “red pilled” people fighting against the evil, or the power elite, but also at the same time, fighting against those who are still considered “asleep”, or simply those who do not agree with their view. I see them calling others names, hating them, wanting those people killed, and all those negative emotions projecting towards the other group of people. This solidify the separation consciousness, and the anti-christ consciousness. This is exactly how the war started throughout human history. We see a group of the power elite fighting another group of power elite, in the name of good vs. evil, or a so called saviour who are here to save the world. Suddenly, it is perfectly okay to commit killing because the intention is “good”. The end can never justify the mean. It never will.

We have learned that the fallen beings not only exist in the physical realm where they took embodiments on Earth. There are also fallen beings residing in the emotional, mental and identity realms. How do they manipulate human beings by tricking us to misqualify our Light so that they can steal the Light? It is exactly by tricking us into hatred, anger, fear and having the warring consciousness. Even though these “awakened” people do not really kill the evil people, they are already doing it at the emotional and mental level. It is still doing, and Light is still being misqualified. There is a greater division among humanity now. We can see even division in the same household, where suddenly we have the awakened and the “sleeping sheep” among family members and friends, not to mention in the general public. Human beings are great in dividing ourselves, either by gender, nationality, skin colour, religion, geography, political view and you name it. The sense of superiority and pride that the “awakened” have now is even greater, because now they know better and they are better than the rest. This, is elitism consciousness. The frustration, the hatred and the intolerance they feel towards the others, are feeding the fallen beings energy, contributing to the collective anti-christ consciousness.

Earth will only ascend when the majority of the collective consciousness ascend. This Great Awakening, is not Real Awakening. The Real Awakening, is not just the awakening of the existence of the power elite, but the awakening of the fallen consciousness and how they manipulate humanity and trick us into what I call the “Duality War”. We cannot end war with war. We can only end war with Peace. This is how we turn our cheek and learn to respond in the non-duality way. People has to realise that the moment we stop ‘fighting” the evil, but continue to spread the Unconditional Love, Unconditional Compassion and Unconditional Forgiveness, we can then truly make a difference to the humanity and Earth. Be the Light in the Darkness.

Having said these, it is still a great start for mankind to go towards the Golden Age. There are also many spiritual beings now holding the Peace Vibration on Earth at this moment and for those who have just awakened. If you are reading this post, it means that you have the power to help hold the balance on Earth for humanity at this moment. This also means that you understand (or have the chance to understand how these work by reading my other posts on the Ascended Masters Teaching), and that this is the time Spiritual Beings really start taking Dominion and help pull the collective consciousness up, by being in high vibration ourselves. Be there for them (even for those who seemed to be at the evil side), observe and hold the space for the newly awakened brothers and sisters, guide them and be the Light. Show compassion and tolerance. That high vibration, is Love, Peace and Freedom! You can also help to give invocations released by the Ascended Masters in this crucial time where humanity and Earth is at the crossroad.

If you want to know more on how you can help, you can message me and I can point you to the right direction. Namaste.