Spiritual Beings Taking Dominion


"The basic dynamic that shapes everything on planet Earth is very simple. As I have explained, everything is created from the Ma-ter Light, which has consciousness. All structures in the world of form are organized into units, and within a given unit, there is a collective consciousness that affects everything within that unit. In the unit called planet Earth, the dominant factor is the consciousness of humankind. Thus, every aspect of life on this planet, including human society, the balance of nature, natural disasters, the movements of the Earth's crust, even the density of matter, is affected by humankind's consciousness. Because of free will, the greatest impact is caused by the state of consciousness of the middle 80% of the population. The lowest 10% cannot destroy the planet on their own, neither can the top 10% pull it up on their own. It is the 80% of the general population that largely determine which way the planet will go. What the top and bottom 10% can do is to pull the general population up or down.

In the past, this planet has seen golden ages in which the knowledge, technology and abundance far surpassed what the most optimistic science fiction writers can even imagine. That happened in the periods when the top 10% decided to take dominion over the Earth and pull the general population up with them. As Jesus said, "And I, if I be lifted up from the Earth, shall draw all men unto me". (John 12:32). The planet has also seen downward spirals that led to the collapse of huge civilizations, and some of them were literally erased through cataclysmic natural disasters. There were periods when the human population was greatly reduced in numbers and reduced to a state of existence not much higher than monkeys. What today's archaeologists consider the beginning of humankind, namely the cave dwellers, was only one such low point. These downward spirals occurred when the top 10% decided not to take dominion and thus allowed the bottom 10% to drag the general population down to their selfish level of consciousness. We might say that if the bottom 10% are not counterbalanced by an infusion of light, they will drag society down until the contracting force breaks it down.

The Ascended Masters have been working with humankind for millions of years, and we are always seeking to prevent a downward spiral and bring about a golden age. Yet we are always loyal to the Law of Free Will, meaning that we can work only through people in embodiment. In practical terms that means we must work through the top 10%, for they are the only ones who have a sufficient level of spiritual maturity to recognize our existence and see the validity of our non-dualistic teachings and direction."

~ by Lord Maitreya, extracted from book "Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom"