Power Games In Spiritual Communities

Question: I have often seen some ego patterns outplay themselves in spiritual groups, even among ascended master students. Do the masters have any recommendation on how to work together in spiritual groups?

This answer was given by the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels at a conference in Holland, 2016.

"We always have the recommendation that when you are you are working as a team: maintain harmony. It is so important to maintain harmony in situations like this.

We have so many times seen in the past where Ascended Master students have not been able to maintain their harmony and it has created friction or conflict in the group. It has split apart groups, and people with the best of intentions have not been able to carry them out because they were not sufficiently focused on the need to maintain harmony. That, of course, relates to what we have said about going global. I am not here talking specifically to those in Korea, but I’m talking in general about anyone involved with ascended master work.

The Golden Age is the age of community. The Aquarian Age is the age of community. Community means, as we have said before, coming-into-unity. But that means that you can only come into unity with others if you have all depersonalized your lives and gone global to a certain extent so you are not using the group effort for some personal agenda that comes from unresolved psychology or just plain outright ego.

So many times we have seen in the past how power games have played a destructive part in ascended master groups. We see, for example, that there is a tendency that those who are most eager to do something, do so out of a personal ambition. They either want to have power over others or they want to take personal credit for doing something. This is something that we simply will not allow in this dispensation, and that is why we have gone very gradually, gone very slowly, with recommending any kind of community. Because we need to make sure that we do not repeat the patterns we have seen in the past. We are not asking you to be perfect, but we are very mindful that we do not want to repeat what we have seen so many times in the past.

You have those who are the most eager students to do something, but they either have a desire for power or a desire for recognition. Therefore, they are willing to put forth a big effort, but then they also demand that those who are working with them should submit to their personal agenda and either give them power, give them a sense that they are special, idolize them in some way.

We have seen the creation of a hierarchy of people in spiritual organizations where some clearly have set themselves up in positions where they are more important than others. We are looking for a community of equals, and we are looking for a community of people who are free enough in themselves that they can talk freely with each other.

It is not a matter of everybody always being perfect. It is perfectly fine if some of you go into some kind of ego pattern, but then you need to be free enough that you can allow those in your group to tell you: “I think you are now being a little bit unbalanced, I think you are not looking at this from the Middle Way, you are being a little too extreme, you are being too intellectual,” whatever it may be.

You need to strive in Ascended Master groups to have this free communication between you where you can say to each other whatever you feel the need to say without the ego being offended and immediately going into denial or a defensive position, or an “I’m going to attack you back” position. These are games that, quite frankly, we need you to grow out of because we have grown out of them in the sense that we have no longer any patience for this, and we will not see this be outplayed in any Ascended Master community that we sponsor. I am therefore saying into the collective consciousness: “Enough is enough. I have had enough, and if you have had enough, I welcome you to my heart. If you have not had enough of playing these games, go elsewhere.”

~ Ascended Master Saint Germain (through Kim Michaels)

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