How Karma Actually Works

Many of us are familiar with the word karma, but do we really understand how it works?

Karma in the East, is traditionally seen as action and consequence(s) of the action. You perform an action which produces the consequence, and that consequence is then karma . This karma sets a stage for the next situation, where you take an action in the next situation, and you create new karma that sets the stage for the next situation, and so forth on the wheel of rebirth, the Sea of Samsara, the treadmill of human existence.

Karma is often being seen as punishment for the wrong deeds done in this lifetime or previous lifetimes. Of course, there are ‘good’ karma as well. Therefore, people do charity works as they believe that by being a good person, we will then have good karma. If that is all, why are there still so much suffering in this world? Why do good people get “punished” while the bad people seemed to be rewarded? While there are more reasons to just karma, for the purpose of this topic, we will just focus on karma for now.

The entire world of form was created for a very specific purpose. That purpose is for us to experience what it is like to be a separate being, what it is like to be less, and gradually grow from that to become One. This is called the Law of Oneness, which is the one single law that is most important for our existence. The Law of Oneness is all about growing to be more, and still stand is not possible. You are either becoming More or becoming less, there is nothing in between. Whether you like it or not, whether you know it or you don’t, unfortunately and fortunately, we are all governed by this law.

Yet we are all given free will, making it possible for us to go in the opposite direction, where it is now possible to hurt ourselves and others without fully realising what we are doing, and without understanding that hurting others is also hurting self. Therefore, Law of Karma is one of the laws that accompanies the Law of Free Will, creating a safety net that could give separate beings all possibilities for not destroying ourselves.

Sustainable structure all requires Balanced Growth, where the expanding & contracting force (masculine & feminine, the Yang and Ying, the out-breath and in-breath) should be balance. By understand how this work, we are able to make use of the law to help us grow, instead of resisting those laws that causes us to struggle and suffer. Therefore, the Law of Karma (also known as the Law of Cause and Effect) ensure that we always come back into balance. If we set in motion an unbalanced cause through an unbalance use of our energy, we will inevitably experience unbalanced effect in our lives. We therefore must balance any unbalanced effect that we created, so that we bring the universe back to the state of balance. For example, do we lift ourselves up by putting others down? Or do we lift ourselves up together with others? When an imbalance has been created, someone must take on the unbalance energy and assume responsibility for depolarising it to restore balance.

The Ascended Master, Lady Nada explained that “Take Middle East for instance, people have created karma. Groups of people have created karma with each other over thousands of years. For example, a particular situation where there was a conflict between two groups of people at the energetic level , and when it broke into physical violence, it created energetic traces, energetic matrices, in the emotional, mental and identity bodies and realms. These energetic matrices were partly in the individual auras (energy fields) of the people involved. They were also in a group aura, a group consciousness. They are even, to some degree, attached to a geographical location.

The people reacted to the original situation in a certain way and this created an energetic matrix. This matrix lingers and when the people come back into their next embodiment, they are still carrying the matrix in their individual bodies. This causes them to tune in to - or even to be possessed by - the collective matrix. The reaction that people had in the first situation generates a matrix that very much limits the people's options for choosing their reaction to the next situation, whether it be their next lifetime or later in the lifetime.

Because people have reacted with violence before, their perception is warped, their perception is coloured, their perception is limited by this reaction. When the next situation happens where there is conflict, they cannot see a peaceful way to respond to this. They can only see a way that accelerates what they did previously. They are more prone to respond with violence, they more easily respond with violence.

These people have created karmic traces that they carry with them from generation to generation. They build these collective matrices that become more and more powerful and therefore more easily overpower the minds of individual who are born into them. Some of them would in their next lifetime incarnate in the other group, and even though people change sides, they still carry the matrix with them of responding with violence and hatred. Therefore, it really does not matter what side they are on. They still react the same way.”

There is a fundamental difference between feeling hatred towards some people and taking action to hurt others. It is clear that when we have taken a physical action, it will have more severe consequence. Nevertheless, if we have strong feeling of hatred that we are directing to the other person, we are actually doing it at the emotional level. If we have strong thoughts about the other person as being bad and what they had done to you in your past, then we are doing something at the mental level. If we have a very strong identity that we are better than this other person because of whatever criteria you have, then this is doing something at the identity level. Therefore, we are actually projecting our energy out with all four of our lower bodies, and this is all doing, this is all taking action, and this is all creating karmic matrices that will limit our perception and our freedom to choose our actions.

Therefore, some may wonder why are they creating karma when they haven't even done anything. What they don't realise is that, even when they have not done it physically, as in taken any actions, they could still be doing it at the emotion, mental and identity level.

The Ascended Masters teach us how to respond to any situation in a non-dualistic way so that we do not create more karma. This is what Buddha means by the Middle Way.

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