Hidden Agenda of the Fallen Beings

Question : What with all the “Plandemic” about now? As we know it, there are people behind all of these. So what or is there anything that we can do about it besides being aware of it? Perhaps just me, following few pages of this people who are aware of it. So some are showing me the ID2020 cartoon on Netflix saying that’s the plan on us, installing this chip thingy on us, so this Covid is sort of like the basic plan of it of some sort?

Many people are now aware of the hidden agenda of a group of people we call the power elite or the fallen beings, or however you might want to call them. I have written about The Great Awakening, we are indeed seeing the mass awakening of the people to the awareness of the existence of this group of people and their hidden agenda. But they have not awakened to the understanding of the fallen consciousness and how the fallen beings have tricked us into this Duality War that we are in at this time.

We also see many people who are very interested in the so called "Conspiracy Theories" that they get so involved in the drama and the fear (the Duality War). Some new age spiritual ones have chosen to avoid reading and understand these because of the negativities that come with the issues, they even chose to not watch the TV or news that are negative because they are being taught to be positive. So they escape from the negatives. Some stay in the grey zone, because there is nothing right and wrong about everything, and thus they become passive and not doing anything about it. This is also one of the reasons the collective consciousness fell when the top 10% of the population not taking dominion, thus allowing the lower 10% to pull the 80% of the population down. Being truly spiritual, is being able to live in the world but not of the world, because everything is part of the spiritual learning and growth.

Coming back to the topic, to understand what is this hidden agenda and why, we have to go back to where it all begins.

Very very long time ago, Earth was in a much higher state when it was created as a Natural Planet. There were no negative-pathed beings or fallen beings on this planet. However, when the collective consciousness on Earth started to become stagnant and stop growing, the Earth was going to be ‘pulled’ apart by the ascension force of other planets in our Universe. Thus the Elohim decided to allow the fallen beings to be embodied on Earth so as to stir the pot so to speak. We have learned that the purpose of life is to learn and grow, and anything that is not growing but contracting instead, will ultimately be broken down by the second law of thermodynamic. And this was what had happened, that allowed the fallen beings to be embodied on our planet.

This group of fallen beings, their agenda is to control the humankind, and they are aware that they can only control the humankind when the size of population is kept at a certain equation. During the feudal societies of Europe, it lasted for several hundred years. However, the advances in medical technology, nutrition and hygiene improved the lives and health of the people, and more children survived their early childhood. This led to an increase in the population, and it increased to a certain size that the feudal societies, with their very strict unequal distribution of wealth could no longer support the population.

Before the population growth, people could at least survive even though they lived very limited lives. They had been manipulated into a state that they won't rebel against the status quo. But once they face starvation, they had to rebel and so they had to move out, and some immigrated to other countries such as America. The fallen beings thus see that they can only set themselves up as the undisputed leaders when the population has a certain size, otherwise they cannot have these very special privileges that are so much higher than the conditions of the average citizen. This happened not just during the Middle Ages but throughout many previous civilisations in our history. The fallen beings have always have a desire to limit the population to the number that they think they can control given the means of control they have in that particular society.

In our today's modern world, the fallen beings have more tools for control, both physical tools and also tools that are especially able to control the mind of the people. Therefore, they can still feel that they have certain degree of control over the planet, even though the population has increased many times since the medieval age. Nevertheless, they are still very afraid of the population growth, and thus they are constantly seeking ways to limit this growth. Yet, they are up against the modern age, where we have a widespread of certain humane and humanistic ideas, because we have greater awareness of the essential or basic humanity. We are aware that it is not right that people starve to death, or live as slaves, or other kinds of conditions that is below the basic human's acceptance. So it is now more difficult for the fallen beings to limit the growth of the population. They are still trying in many subtle ways, such as abortion, working against a cure of many diseases, not wanting a breakthrough in the fight of certain diseases, and also in many ways trying to resist progress, such as progress in agriculture, the ability to grow more food, more knowledge of nutrition, etc. Again, they are up against this raised awareness where they cannot do this in open ways, so they do it in hidden ways and try to manipulate the people and do it behind the scenes.

They do this in many ways such as creating various organisations that actually have the hidden purposes of resisting change, resisting growth and control of the population. Covid-19 pandemic, certain immunisation that is said to actually sterilise the human, ID2020 and Agenda 2030, these are some of the examples. However, we also have to be aware that not all organisations have these hidden purposes. There are also organisations that have the purpose of promoting growth and the fallen beings cannot always stop them. We will see this happen at various times in various countries and parts of the world. When true democracies start to become more common, there will come a certain critical mass where the fallen beings could no longer hold back growth and development. They could only try to slow it down and restrict it, and that is what they are focused on now.

Many people are now aware of the pollutants in food, pollutants in the water, some fallen beings trying to create diseases such as this Covid-19, they have tried to manipulate the genetic material and do many things. Some of the fallen beings are aware that they have lost, so they are seeking to extend the time they still have on Earth but they know they no longer have Earth as their exclusive domain where they can control over everything. Some other fallen beings who are trying to create some kind of crisis, some kind of war that could set civilisation back, and some even would rather see the current civilisation destroyed than having it run out of their control. Again, they will not be successful because too many spiritual people have raised their awareness, are doing the work, making decrees and invocations and other spiritual exercises and there is just a growing awareness that makes it impossible for them to stop St. Germaine’s Golden Age. We have gone beyond that critical mass, they can still slow it down, but they cannot stop the Golden Age.

We can now see that their hidden agenda is not really the concern of the size of the population, but the ability to control the population. They want to maintain control, they want to have this very unequal distribution of wealth.

Not all are the fallen being's fault. It is everyone's responsibilities that make us where we are now. We see the more developed nations who are consuming an inordinate amount of the resources available and thereby keeping the population in many third world countries in poverty and malnutrition, and this is of course not sustainable. Because the people, not just the fallen beings, but because the people, in the developed nations have not been willing to reach out and help the other nations come up. The population growth also has the function of forcing this issue to become more and more of a crises where people in the more developed nations cannot continue to ignore what is happening in other nations. This is the reason of immigration. Science also told us that we have limited resources on Earth and therefore many people believe that our planet cannot sustain a growing population. However, the Ascended Masters have told us that our planet is more than capable to sustain many folds of the population size we have now, and providing abundance to all. The Golden Age is seeing 10 billion people on our planet easily.

Now that we have understood what is the hidden agenda and what we can do, on a spiritual side we can start taking dominion to help keep raising the collective consciousness on the planet. Be the top 10% of the population to help pull the 80% of the population towards upward spiral. Be the Prince and Princess of Peace on Earth and understanding that whatever is happening right now on Earth, is the exact outplaying of the collective consciousness at this moment. If there is something that we see that is not balanced, that is not of what we want it to be, then we have to take action to change it. By first changing in our consciousness, by saying that this is not for us, by showing our leaders through peaceful demonstrations. People need to speak out and take action. It only took one person to speak up against slavery, and it took about a hundred years for slavery to be abolished. When more people are demanding a change, our leaders will have no choice but to change. That is also how we can create a true People’s Government.

When we are aware of who is taking away our freedom, then we can work towards being free from them. The fallen beings can do everything to trap our physical body, our mind and even our soul (by illusion), but they are only able to do this when we allow them to. They can control us physically with the ID2020 or Agenda2030, they can never control our Spirit. That’s how Jesus demonstrated by allowing them to kill him on the cross, and yet he said “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”