02 - Co-creating Consciously

Human beings are designed to co-create because we have self-awareness. As a result of self-awareness, we can formulate an image in our minds of something that we do not experience through our physical senses and the outer consciousness. In other words, we can develop a mental image (a mental matrix) of something that does not yet exist in physical manifestation.

Our imagination will limit the mental image we formulate. Some people's imagination is limited by what they see and experience through their physical senses and the outer mind. In reality, there are no limitations to self-awareness and our imagination. They are free, they are infinite, and they are unlimited. The only thing that can limit our imagination is the limitations we allow to be in the sphere of our consciousness.

So we co-create by formulating a mental image and then using our self-awareness to project that image upon the Mater light (mother light). When that projection goes through the 4 levels of the material universe (the identity, mental, emotional and physical), we will co-create a physical form. The Mater light will take on that physical form that we can perceive with our senses and outer consciousness.

Yet when we start the co-creative process, we are creating something. If we create a mental image in our identity body of who we are, inevitably, our self-awareness - the stream of consciousness flowing through us - will flow through the matrix. And thus, it will be projected upon the Mater light in the identity realm. The same applies in the mental and emotional realms.

We cannot stop co-creating. We cannot stop being conscious (except for those who use many things such as chemicals to alter the consciousness so that they are not conscious). Even when we are asleep or physically unconscious, our emotional mind, mental mind and identity mind are not asleep nor unconscious. There is always a level of our being where the stream of consciousness flows through these images from our I AM Presence. Therefore it is projected upon the Mater light at that level.

All the things that we co-create at each level form what we have chosen to call spirits. And these spirits then become part of our total beings, part of the lower beings that many people call the soul.

The light from our I AM Presence will stream through it, and therefore we will continually co-creating through that spirit. This does not mean that we will be co-creating a new spirit at every moment, but it means that as the stream of awareness flows through a particular spirit, we will be reinforcing that spirit, and thus it becomes stronger and stronger.


When we follow the Ascended Masters Teaching on this Self-Mastery path, we will walk the spiritual path much more conscious. In many previous teachings released on this planet, people are given only a partial understanding of the spiritual path. And therefore, we have not had the concept the Ascended Masters have given us. We did not understand that we have in the past created these spirits, that these spirits become part of our being. And if we identify with the spirits, we cannot free ourselves from them. For as long as we identify ourselves with a given spirit, our consciousness will stream through it.

This will have two effects:

  • We avoid at the same time see the spirits as a spirit and see it from the outside. If we do not see it, we cannot free ourselves from it; and

  • Our energies are tied up in the spirit. We are reinforcing the spirit, making it more difficult for ourselves to pull our consciousness away from that spirit and look at the spirit from the outside.


The first step we must take to engage in closing the gap and dismantling the veil that keeps us apart from the River of Life (Holy Spirit) is: we must get our attention off seeking to change what is taking place OUTSIDE ourselves. Instead, put our attention on what is going on INSIDE ourselves.

Living up to our earthly standard to absolute perfection means we would not be in the River of Life. However, we are still apart from the River of Life because it is the standard that keeps us apart from it. That includes our expectations of others to live up to a standard based on our perception filters.

If we want something more than what we have right now, we cannot stay in the state of consciousness we are in. If we want spiritual growth, we cannot remain comfortable. Death consciousness can make people comfortable or uncomfortable because of the second law of thermodynamics. It is a reinforcing spiral where everything is reinforced, whether it is separate or out of Oneness. Thus the death consciousness must become more and more extreme until it makes us more and more uncomfortable.

After people have been comfortable for a while, they will inevitably start going into a downward spiral, which will intensify until they reach that breaking point, and they will realise, "I cannot do this anymore; something must change!"

Then they start looking at it realistically and say, "Well, I can try to control the world around me, but isn't that what I have been doing? It hasn't worked for me. I feel like I have nowhere to go, and my life is a continuous struggle because I am always struggling against something inside myself?"

"Is there an alternative to this struggle? Is there an alternative to trying to change someone or something outside of myself? Ah! Indeed there is! What if I decide to look in the mirror? What if I decide to pull the beam in my eye and change my consciousness?"

Then we come to that point that we can realise that we cannot change our consciousness by remaining comfortable and believing what we believe right now. So whatever beliefs and expectations we have about life, spirituality, spiritual growth and even Ascended Masters, we cannot maintain it and at the same time make progress on the path.

Ascended Masters path is not an external path, where we can do outer things and study outer teachings, but we do not have to look at ourselves.


The 7 spiritual rays offered by the Chohans give us a frame of reference, systematically changing our expectations and challenging our comfortability. If we are willing to change the death consciousness and endure this, then the Ascended Masters and the Chohan can help us.

When we sense the vibration of an Ascended Master, we attain a frame of reference that is beyond words and beyond anything that can be put into a book.