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07 - Introduction to the 7 Spiritual Rays

Why would we care about the spiritual rays? These are the primary reasons:

  • Everything we do is done with the energy of one or several of the spiritual rays.

  • The entire material world is made from the seven rays.

  • Every limitation we face is created out of a perversion of one or more of the seven spiritual rays.

  • The ONLY way to transcend a given limitation is to free ourselves from

a) the belief that created the limitation, and

b) the low-frequency energy that has been generated.

  • The ONLY way to transform the low-frequency energy created by perverting a given ray is to invoke the pure energy of that ray.

  • Any ray is the anti-dote to the perverted energy from that ray.

In summary, we can effectively identify and overcome the limitations we face by knowing the spiritual rays. The following is a description of each ray and its pure qualities, as well as the perversions. Each ray has certain spiritual offices held by as