Understanding the 4 lower bodies, 4 levels of material universe and the cause of sufferings.

"The material universe is made from spiritual light that has been lowered in vibration to a certain spectrum of frequencies. Within the material spectrum, there are 4 different levels of frequencies or vibrations. As the spiritual light is lowered in vibration, it first enters the highest spectrum of the material realm (Identity Realm) where it takes on a certain form. As it flows through each succeeding level (Mental Realm and Emotional Realm), the light takes on a more dense, or manifest, form until it finally takes on the most dense form, the type of forms that can be detected by our physical senses (Physical/Matter Realm).

These 4 levels Material Universe also correspond to your 4 lower bodies (Identity Body, Mental Body, Emotional Body, Physical Body)


The realm with which all people are familiar is the universe made of matter. This is the world that you can detect with your physical senses. It is made of vibrations that vibrate within a frequency spectrum that makes them detectable by your physical senses as they are made from energies that vibrate within the same frequency spectrum.

Above the matter realm are three divisions that still belong within the greater spectrum of the material universe. When you move from the matter realm into the next division, you enter the realm of feeling. Above that is the realm of thought and above that the realm of identity. In many older religions and philosophies, such as Buddhism, the Greeks or the esoteric teachings used by the alchemists, these four realms were described as the four corners of the Earth. They were labeled Earth, Water, Air and Fire. This concept corresponds to the ancient idea of the squaring of the circle. The circle represents Heaven, and it is infinite and undivided in terms of time and space. It corresponds to the ether. The square represents Earth, or rather the material universe. The material universe is the realm of space and time. It is created by taking the infinite realm of the circle and dividing it into four directions, four dimensions, that manifest as the coordinates of time and space.

On a personal level, the energy flows from your spiritual self through the layers of the subconscious mind until it reaches the conscious mind. The energy flows from the realm of spirit, and it first enters your identity body. This is the part of your mind that stores the memories of our experiences in the material world. It also stores the sense of identity that you have built up through your soul's journey, over many lifetimes, in this world. When the basic life energy first enters your mind, or being, it flows through your sense of identity. It is therefore colored by your sense of identity. Your sense of identity also includes how you see the world, God, your relationship to the world and your relationship to God. It is therefore the foundation for how you respond to life in this realm.

After the energy flows through your identity body, it enters the mental body, which is also called the realm of thought. In this realm the energy is colored by your thoughts about yourself and the world. Your thoughts are very much determined by your sense of identities, but because they reside at a lower level of your beings, they are more fluid and can be changed more easily than the deeper images that make up your sense of identity. In other words, your thoughts can be adapted to or influenced by specific situations you encounter in this world. One might say that your sense of identity determines how you see the big picture, whereas your thoughts relate to how you understand details of that picture. Your sense of identity determines how you see the world, and your thoughts determine how you think the world works.

After the energy flows through the thought body, it enters the realm of feeling. This is the emotional body, the feeling realm, and it contains your feelings about yourself and the world. Emotions are simply energy in motion, and they are the forerunners for physical action. So your emotions determine how you act upon thoughts. One might say that a thought itself cannot lead to action. A thought is simply an idea, and in order to be translated into a physical action, the thought must have the two qualities that are added by an emotion. These two qualities are direction and intensity. Your emotions will direct your thoughts into a specific action, and the intensity of your emotions will determine the power of the action.

The final step is that the energy enters the physical brain and nervous system. It is at this level that your emotions are translated into actions, and the actions will be determined by the direction and the intensity of the emotions behind them. Of course, the direction and intensity of the emotion is determined by the thought, and the thought is determined by your sense of identity and your world view.

You now see that the natural flow of energy through your being is that energy streams from your spiritual self through your identity body, where it is colored by your world view. The energy then flows into your thought body and is colored by your thoughts. The energy now flows into the feeling body and takes on the direction and intensity determined by your emotions. Finally, the energy is translated into a physical action carried out by your brain, your nervous system and your physical body.


After you understand how energy flows through your own mind, you need to transfer this understanding to the material universe as a whole. The material universe has four different octaves or levels, four different bodies. They correspond to the four levels of your mind because truly the universe is simply one mansion in the house, meaning the mind, of God. As is the case with your mind, the material universe is created from the basic energy of God which flows through the identity, thought and feeling realms until it manifests in the matter realm.

When you understand this basic flow of energy through the four levels of the material universe, you can begin to understand that the lowest level, the level of matter itself, is the result of hidden causes that take place at the three higher levels of the feeling, the thought and the identity bodies. One might say that the matter universe is simply a projection of the images found in the three higher levels. Truly, the matter universe is no more real than the images projected on the screen of a movie theater.

When you contemplate this concept, you realize that changing the matter universe can - and indeed must - be done by changing the three higher levels of the material world. On a personal level, if you want to change your outer circumstances, you must begin by changing your feelings, your thoughts and your sense of identity. Only when you change the images found in the three higher bodies, will you change the images that appear in the matter world. Likewise, on a planetary scale, the key to removing human suffering is to purify the feeling, the thought and the identity body of the planet as a whole. The reason being that the physical planet is a projection of images held in these higher realms.

Planet earth was created by seven spiritual beings, called the Elohim. The Elohim are constantly maintaining the image of a perfect Earth, and that image still exists. However, the perfect image has been covered over temporarily by an imperfect image projected through the identity body, the thought body and the feeling body of humankind. This is what psychologists have called the collective unconscious.


My next point is to show you why planet Earth currently has so many imperfect manifestations and so much human suffering. The reason is that the three higher bodies of humankind have been polluted by an imperfect sense of identity, by imperfect thoughts and impure emotions.

After humankind fell into a lower state of consciousness, a process began that eventually led to a pollution of the four lower bodies of all human beings on Earth and the collective consciousness of humankind. This has led to the current imperfect conditions in the form of human suffering, natural disasters and many other calamities.

Yet what you see in the matter world is simply a reflection of what is going on in the higher bodies. All of the three higher bodies have been polluted and contain imperfect images. However, the one body that has been completely taken over by dark forces is the emotional body. This body is crucial for those beings who want to control the matter world. The reason being that it is the emotional body which translates thoughts into material actions.

The nature of emotions is to take on whatever images are projected upon them from the mental body. Emotions are energy in motion, and the energy does not have any sense of right or wrong. It will flow into whatever action it is given without considering the consequences. Therefore, if the dark forces can take over a person's emotional body, they can manipulate that person into doing virtually anything without considering the consequences of its actions and without considering right and wrong. This has given rise to the “If it feels good, do it” syndrome. This syndrome is based on the subtle lie that if something feels good, it couldn't be really wrong.

So you now see that there are forces who are constantly working to manipulate people through their emotional bodies. One of the ways in which this is accomplished is to agitate people's emotional bodies and gradually build a crescendo of such intensity that people can no longer hold back the emotional energy. The emotions then spill over into action, and this is when you see that individuals, groups of people or even entire nations feel compelled to take an action which they normally would never have taken. This then is the main cause of war. In the time that leads up to war, you will see that the emotional body of an entire nation becomes agitated to the point where the nation feels that something has to be done, and that something is to go to war against the enemy that is perceived as causing the agitation.


Another important purpose for this discourse is to explain that there are self-conscious, intelligent beings on all four levels of the material universe, the realms of matter, feeling, thought and identity. Human beings are the intelligent beings living in the matter realm. There are also intelligent beings living at the other three realms. Some of these beings have never been in a physical body. Others have been in a physical body but are now residing in one of the other realms of the material universe.

The natural course for souls is that they descend into a physical body in order to experience the material realm and help God co-create this level of the world of form. After the soul fulfills its purpose for being in the matter world, it then ascends to the spiritual realm. In other words, it is not natural for a soul to reside in or get stuck in the matter, feeling, thought or the identity realm. However, if a soul becomes unbalanced and perverts one or more of its four lower bodies, it can become stuck in one of the material realms. This can prevent the soul from ascending to the spiritual realm.

If a soul has an imbalance in all four of its lower bodies, it will become stuck in the matter realm, and it will keep re-embodying in a series of physical bodies. If a soul has balanced the physical body but not the other three, it can become stuck in the feeling realm. If the soul has balanced the physical and the emotional bodies, it can become stuck in the thought realm, and if it has balanced the lower three bodies, it can become stuck in the identity realm.

You need to realize that the four different realms of the material universe are separated only by vibration. So you need to avoid being trapped in a linear view of this teaching. For example, the matter realm has the lowest vibration, and the other realms have higher vibrations. Therefore, it is tempting to build the image that the other realms exist above and beyond the matter universe. This is not a correct image.

In the room in which you are sitting right now, there are a great number of radio waves that are penetrating the same space. These radio waves exist in the same space as your physical body, the walls, the furniture and the air. In other words, different frequencies can coexist in the same space. My point here is that the matter realm exists in the same space as the feeling realm, the thought realm and the identity realm.

The importance of this realization is that there are no impenetrable barriers between the four realms. In fact, it is possible that the realms can overlap. For example, it is quite possible that, in a local area of the matter realm, the vibrations can be changed so that they resonate with the vibrations in one of the other realms.

The human mind has the ability to act as a radio receiver. As I said, there are many different radio waves penetrating the room in which you are now sitting. If you turn on a radio, you can tune in to any of these different waves by simply turning the dial on the radio. The radio turns the different energy waves into audible sound that you experience as different radio stations. Your mind has the ability to act as a radio receiver, and it can tune in to any level of the material universe. It can also tune in to the levels of the spiritual realm. In other words, the mind of a human being has the ability to reach beyond the matter realm and tune in to intelligent beings in the feeling realm, the thought realm, the identity realm or even the spiritual realm.

One consequence of this teaching is that if you attempt to communicate with intelligent beings in one of the other realms, you need to be aware that not all such beings are benevolent. Some of them are likely to have willfully rebelled against the laws of God, and they will attempt to manipulate you into doing the same thing.

It used to be that there were benevolent beings in all of the four realms. Yet the feeling realm has been so heavily polluted and manipulated that there are no longer any benevolent beings in that realm. The beings now in the feeling realm are all unbalanced, and they believe the ends can justify the means and that “if it feels good, do it.” There are people on Earth who embody this consciousness because their unbalanced emotional bodies are tuned to the feeling realm. Such people have become the slaves of manipulative beings in the feeling realm.

The thought realm has also been heavily polluted, but there are still beings in that realm who are not malicious. Yet many of them are trapped in a state of mind that causes them to think they can intellectually understand everything. Some even think they understand the world better than God, and therefore they know better than God how the universe should be run. This is intellectual pride, and you see many people on Earth who embody this pride. The reason being that their mental bodies are tuned to prideful beings in the thought realm.

The realm of identity is the most pure realm, although it has been polluted by a false sense of identity. There are indeed some beings in this realm who identify themselves as being separated from God, and they project that image to human beings. Yet there are also beings in the etheric realm who maintain a correct sense of identity as spiritual beings."

~ Discourse by Ascended Master, Jesus Christ (through Kim Michaels, askrealjesus.com )