11 - Love & Power


When we become a god, we think that we have the ability and the right to define good and evil. In other words, the essence of the serpentine mind is that it creates a false standard for what is good and what is evil, and then it says that if we live up to this outer standard - seeking to avoid evil and act on the good - we are guaranteed to enter heaven.

That’s the reason why some students will try to impose their standard upon Master MORE and that when he doesn’t conform to their standard, they immediately reason that he must be a false teacher or not an advanced enough teacher for them. So they leave feeling justified in rejected Master MORE, even though their rejection is based on a complete illusion.

Master MORE had transcended the fallen mindset, in which the students are so trapped that they cannot even see that he offers them a frame of reference from outside that fallen mindset. They are only looking for a teacher who will validate a standard based on the serpentine mind.


To become teachable by an ascended master, we have to be willing to use our reasoning ability at whatever level of consciousness we are at. Use it to realise one simple fact: Our current level of awareness forms a box around our mind, a mental box. The only way to rise from our current level of consciousness to the next level is to reach for something beyond our current mental box. This is the only way, and there is no way of cheating here.

Do we realise that this is one of the lessons of science and the laws of nature? We cannot cheat gravity. We will fall if we step out into thin air from a tall building or a tall cliff. How often would we have to step out from a tall building to prove to our satisfaction that gravity will turn us into a red dot on the pavement below? How many times do we have to go through an entire embodiment being trapped in a particular mental box to prove to ourselves that the false paths to salvation offered by the false teachers will not automatically get us to heaven after that lifetime?

No matter what level of consciousness we are at, we have the reasoning ability to see that it forms a closed system. And the only way to rise to the next level is that we must reach up for a teacher who can give us something from beyond our mental box, our current level. Then by grasping that lifeline, we can use it to pull ourselves up to the next level of the path.

When we are below the 48th level of consciousness, our current level of consciousness is like quicksand. The more we struggle, the faster we sink. The only way to escape is to stop struggling and let our minds fall still, so we can see that someone is offering a rope. When we grasp that rope, we have a fixed point by which we can pull ourselves up.

If we allow some attachment to some false standard or false teaching to cause us to reject Master MORE or reject specific aspects of his instruction, then, of course, he cannot help us. He must respect the Law of Free Will, which he does with great love, and allow us to let go of the rope and therefore fall back into the quicksand. However, he will always be there if we desire to reach for him again and ask for his help.

Now let us look at how we can make the best possible use of what he offers us.


It begins with realising that there will be two reactions in us when we receive specific instruction from a spiritual teacher. Because until we ascend, there will always be a particular division in our being. We call it ego or human consciousness, and this is what keeps us in embodiment on Earth.

Many planets in this material universe have a higher level of consciousness than Earth, but Earth is a very dense planet. That means that as long as we are in embodiment here, there needs to be a particular element of human consciousness (ego) that keeps us in a physical body. If we were to let go of all of it in this instant, we could not maintain our focus inside the body, and thus we would ascend, leaving the body behind.

Therefore, when we receive an instruction from the next level of consciousness up, there will always be two reactions in our being:

  • One will be a higher reaction of longing for what is more, long for higher than our present level; or

  • The other will be a lower reaction of wanting to reject what is higher to justify why we cling to our current level, our current view of life and the spiritual path.

Again, this is simply a matter of using the reasoning ability. When we learn to tune in to our heart, we can also tune in to other aspects of our being, including our other chakras, and then distinguish between the reaction that lifts us and the reaction that resists the instruction. The reaction that wants to come into oneness with the teacher, or reject and continue to hide from the teacher.


Let’s look at this reaction that seeks to reject the teacher and the instruction given. What is this reaction based on? It is always based on some kind of standard that we have accepted with the outer mind, and the serpentine mind ALWAYS designs this standard. Regardless of what standard we have accepted here on Earth, that standard is ALWAYS based on or influenced by the serpentine mind.

Many spiritual students have a hard time accepting this when they first come to Master MORE’s retreat. Since we have come to his retreat, we are not ready to enter heaven. Otherwise, we would not have come to him in the first place. And the fact that our standard will not get us to heaven. No teacher can help us rise to a higher level by validating the standard we have at the current level.


Most of the students who go to his retreat have been in spiritual or religious movements or organisations. And most of them have used that movement and its teaching to build a certain standard for evaluating their actions, their creative efforts.

The Ascended Masters have given teachings through various messengers where they openly presented themselves as the ascended masters and have given, in some cases, specific outer rules and regulations for what people should do or not do. Yet, they have been given so many directions in some cases that it was impossible to follow all of them. The purpose of this was simple: if people will not listen to the inner instruction if they do not let go of their attachments to an outer standard, how can the Ascended Masters help them?

The typical outcome of having an outer standard is that they want to define rules for everything. They want to have a rule, and when they follow the rule, they are okay, and God must then accept them into heaven. Those who do not follow the rule will be condemned to an eternity of torment in hell. It is simple, binary logic. Yes or no. Good or evil. On or off. And this is the dualistic mind.

So what can the Ascended Masters get them beyond this mindset? Well, they can by giving these kinds of students teachings about it. But what about the students who will not listen to the instructions? Then their only other option is to provide them with so many rules that they take their desire to define rules to such an extreme that they can no longer follow them. Or if they try to, they can no longer move because they paralyse themselves as they confine themselves to such a small box that they suddenly realise how restricting this is and something in their being cries out for freedom from the rules.


What is it within us that cries out for freedom?

On Earth, we see many egotistical people who do anything they want regardless of the consequences for others. We see some of the greatest dictators in history who had absolute power. They could do anything they wanted, including killing people who opposed their power. Some might look at this and think that this is freedom as they can do anything they want and get away with it, but it is not freedom. They do not have true freedom. Because the ego cannot give you freedom, they do not have the freedom of mind because in their minds, they are so boxed in by the self-created rules that they use to judge others.

In a certain sense, the ego wants the freedom to do whatever it wants and get away with it, but the ego does not long for freedom - because it does not know what freedom is. It never can.

Ego’s definition of freedom is not actually beyond rules. Instead, it seeks to set up freedom by defining a set of rules that create a double standard. One standard applies to other people, and another standard applies to it so that it can do whatever it wants and get away with it, but other people cannot; other people have to accept that it does whatever it wants.

When we apply reasoning, we see that the ego may have the freedom to act any way it wants, but it does not have freedom of mind. Because in their mind, it has this set of rules that defines the double standard, and it must live up to that standard to have the freedom defined by the standard. So it is still trapped by the standard, and there will come the point when it begins to feel that it is imprisoned by its own standard.

For example, those people who have attained seemingly absolute power came to a point where they begin to realise how trapped they were in the system they had created. They could not allow themselves to violate the standard that defined their absolute powers. They could not allow themselves to be seen as having specific weaknesses or even as being human beings. Instead, they have to live up to the image of an absolute ruler that they created.

And there came the point where it started to dawn on them that they had created a gilded cage for themselves, and it continues to become more and more narrow, to the point where they could hardly move.


What is it in us that truly yearns for freedom? It is the Conscious You because it is an extension of our I AM Presence. Our Conscious You is Spirit, and Spirit will always feel confined when it has to conform to matter. It is also because Spirit has creative freedom.

Creative freedom is not the same as having the freedom to do anything we want according to a set of rules defined in the world of form. Rules are defined by a certain form, and once we accept them as rules, we cannot change the form. The form is locked in a matrix, and as long as we believe in the rule, the form cannot be transcended.

But Spirit is not created to be locked in a form. Instead, Spirit is created to create form and continue to create form by learning from its previous expressions of its creative powers to create a form that is more than what it previously created. It creates a form but not locked in that form for an extended period, but to use the experience it gained creating the first form to create a form that is more.

It is in doing this - in creating, learning, and then creating more - it is doing this that you grow in self-awareness. It is the purpose of life. It is how life progresses; through the creative process.

What the false teachers have done is make people believe that they should kill their creative drive. When we are seeking to conform to rules, we are not creative. And the false teachers have created this false standard/belief to enter heaven, and we must conform to a set of rules defined by the ultimate authority. Even by the science that there are invariable laws of nature.

Of course, there are laws of nature. The Creator uses creative principles. But we can learn to use those principles in ever more creative ways to create something that raises the whole. It is creativity, whereas defining the laws of nature or the laws of God as a straight jacket that shuts down your creativity is not creativity. It is not the consciousness of life but the consciousness of death. Christ consciousness always seeks to raise all life.


How can we raise all life? If we look at a very linear way, we can look at poverty on Earth. From the superficial viewpoint, we might say that the problem with poverty is the lack of money. So if we could have more money, everybody could have enough money to buy whatever they need. But how will we increase the money supply? Many governments and institutions do it artificially, and the inevitable consequence will be inflation so that the value of the money will be less. Therefore, even though we have more money, we cannot buy more of it.

So what would be the way to overcome poverty? It is actually to increase the total amount of abundance on Earth. But the abundance is not the same as money. Abundance does not come from running the printing presses and printing more money.

Abundance comes through creativity so that we learn to make better use of natural resources and the laws of nature. Earlier, we talked about the law of gravity, how we will fall if we step out from the top of a tall building. For thousands of years, human beings thought that flying like birds was an unattainable thing. Yet look at how we have learned to use specific laws of nature to neutralise the law of gravity so that we can now fly through the air.

It is how creative discovery, the creative use of the laws of nature, open up an entirely new industry that has created wealth, new abundance. This was done through a creative application of the laws of nature, not by blindly following rules. If nobody had dared to think creatively, human beings would still be walking around the ground.


The biggest challenge for the student at this level is if we are willing to let Master MORE take them beyond our current standard. The standard we have accepted on Earth has one purpose only. That is, to limit our creativity so that we cannot use our creative ability to rise to the next level of consciousness.

The Ascended Masters have done through science and technology and other ways to help human beings use their creativity to raise society to a higher level. But their primary concern is not the outer results. Instead, their primary concern is that we learn to use our creative abilities to rise to the next level of consciousness.

It is our sense of self that they want to see changed because only by changing our sense of self we can rise from the 49th to 50th level of consciousness. The only way to recreate our sense of self is to use our creative abilities. So the first task for the students in Master MORE’s retreat is to set aside their standards, their rules, so much that they can get back in touch with their creative abilities.


Jesus said, “Do onto others what you would have them do onto you.” The deeper meaning of this principle is: What you do onto others, you have already done to yourself in consciousness. How do we force another human being? We can only do that when we have already forced ourselves to conform to a certain standard held in our minds. Therefore we can see that a dictator cannot enslave other people without having first enslaved himself. He may not be physically enslaved, but he is enslaved in a much more powerful way. He is enslaved in the three higher levels of his mind.

Psychic thraldom is far more powerful than physical thraldom. Because when we are physically enslaved, we will realise that and yearn for freedom. But when the mind enslaves us, we may be so blinded by our standard that we do not even realise that there is an alternative to a life outside the standard. Therefore we do not consciously yearn for freedom, even though a part of us longs for it.

We talked about tuning in to our hearts and see whether something raises our energies or lowers them. What raises the energies is love and what lowers the energies is fear. Thus we see this as a simple measure for evaluating everything in life. We are often so used to thinking that the outer condition itself is the cause and the inner feeling of being limited is the effect. But in reality, it is the other way around. The inner feeling is the original cause, and the outer conditions are an out-picturing of what is going on in our consciousness.

The trouble is that we are not consciously aware of what is going on in the emotional, mental and identity levels of our minds. So we do not see that the conditions in the three higher levels of the mind have created our outer situation. Thus, we do not see that when we react to our outer situation, we are reacting to what we have created. Anything that limits us is created by us by using our creative abilities through fear.

Are we expressing our creative abilities through the overall attitude of love or the overall attitude of fear? When we begin to tune in to this, we will see that many activities on Earth entirely spring from fear. And we will be able to discern this by again asking ourselves: “ Does it raise my energies, or does it lower my energies?”


Fear is the inevitable companion of applying a certain standard to how we use our creative abilities. The moment we adopt a standard, we go into a dualistic evaluation where we can either comply with the standard or be in violation of the standard. The overall effect of this is that it induces an inevitable fear in our being, the fear of violating the standard and the dire consequences that this has according to the standard. A standard always has the duality of the reward for following the standard and the punishment for violating it.

In the Mystery School, we all the Path of the Seven Rays without having the false standard of the false teachers. Therefore we are given complete freedom to do whatever we want, and then we are given the love and guidance of an ascended master to see the consequences of our actions, of our co-creative efforts. And then we evaluate those consequences and says: “I do not want that. I want more of this.” And then, we refine our use of our creative abilities. There was no fear because we know we can transcend any past choices we have made.

But of course, we do not have this ideal scenario on Earth, so we have fear, and we have to deal with this standard. That is why when students go to Master MORE’s retreat, the first thing he has to do is to help them question their standard by stepping out of their standard, look at it from the outside. They can see that even though this standard offers certain advantages to their egos - by making their egos feel secure - they feel imprisoned by this standard. So likewise, their Conscious You, the Spirit, feels imprisoned by this standard.

We can begin to see that if we can leave that level of ego behind, we can rise to a new level of consciousness where we are free from our previous standard. We may still have some standards, but at least we are free from some limitations that we have come to see as genuinely imprisoning us.


The very creation of a standard implies some choices we have made that were wrong in an ultimate sense. They violated the standard, and thus what caused us to break the standard was that we creatively used our free will. It is the lie imposed by the serpent. Therefore, the underlying promise is that if we stop creatively using our free will - but instead confine our free will to the outer standard - then we will be guaranteed to go to heaven.

The entire purpose of life is to learn how to constantly use our creative abilities to transcend ourselves and become more. But the serpent is saying that we cannot transcend ourselves, our past choices. Thus we have to follow the rules so that we can perfect our current sense of self. We learn from our past choices and then make better choices. We do not do this by refusing to make choices, by refusing to learn, by thinking we can follow the rules or standards.

Realise that we will not grow or ascend through fear but only through love. Therefore, our first task here is to free our creative abilities to use them in love instead of using them in fear.


Today, many people are using their creative abilities in fear because they are constantly reacting to the standard or avoiding something. They are continually seeking to compensate for what was done in the past. But we do not need to compensate for our past choices. Instead, we need to learn from those choices and transcend the level of consciousness through which we made those choices.

We transcend the sense of self instead of continuing to co-create through that sense of self. It is the requirement of a spiritual student. Again, use our ability to see what element of the standard is based on fear. Then begin to consider what it is we fear. Get in touch with those fears. Realise that whatever lowers our energies comes from fear, and whatever comes from fear hinders, restrains and kills our creativity.

God has given us free will. Exercising our free will means that we freely look at the result of our choice, our past choice. And then we evaluate: “Do I want more of this result or do I want something more than this result?” And if we want more, we use our past choice to re-create ourselves to co-create more. And this is how we gradually raise our free will so that it becomes truly free. For we now know that no matter what we have chosen before, we can transcend that level of consciousness and choose something higher. We are not bound by our past choices, rules or an outer standard on Earth.

The key to making progress on the spiritual path is to move away from fear and move into love. It is impossible to love a God we fear. We can love God only by transcending and coming to a point where our consciousness has only love in it. For the prince of this world comes and has no fear in us whereby he can pull us into seeking to conform to the serpentine standard, for we have only the love of knowing that we can transcend any past choices. And thus, we are free - always free to be more.