08 - First Ray Chohan, Master MORE


Master MORE, also known as El Morya is the first Chohan out of the seven we will meet. He represents the godly attributes of courage, certainty, power, forthrightness, self-reliance, dependability, faith and initiative.

Master MORE ascended in 1898 after his work with Master K.H. in founding the Theosophical Society. Through his many embodiments in many lifetimes, Master MORE is thus very much aware of just how difficult it is to walk the spiritual path on this rather turbulent planet of ours. He has lots of patience with those willing to work on themselves and very little patience with those who want to play hide-and-seek with their egos. He will meet students with a wide variety of backgrounds who still have some rough edges.

Some of his students come with various wounds, and some come with a desire to have their egos pampered by an Ascended Master. Therefore Master MORE has to find a way to deal with many types of students, and he does so by embodying the qualities of the First Ray.

If we come to Master MORE with a desire to hide our wounds or our ego games, we will likely find him strict, uncompromising and impersonal. Because of the first ray qualities of power and a will that will not bend to human desires. In other words, Master MORE does not play games.

If we are honest and willing to look at our wounds and even see our ego's games, we will find in Master MORE an incredibly loving master who will support our growth to the utmost degree.

He is looking for one particular quality in his students: the straightforwardness and honesty of being willing to look at ourselves in the mirror.

Master MORE's retreat is over Darjeeling, India. So if we give the invocation to start the initiation of the first ray, we can make a call to go to his retreat in our finer body (our identity body) at night when our physical body goes to sleep.

Master MORE had many past embodiments that are known. He was a leader, even a king or statesman. He was embodied as Abraham, the first Hebrew patriarch; Melchior, one of the three wise men; King Arthur, a guru of the mystery school at Camelot; Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury; St. Sergius, founder of over 40 monasteries in Russia and one of the Russian Orthodox Church's most highly venerated saints; Sir Thomas More, the "man for all seasons"; Akbar the Great, founder of the Mogul empire in India and the greatest of its ruler; and Thomas Moore, the Irish poet laureate, which is also his second to last embodiment on Earth.


Moving from one level of consciousness up to another level is not a continuous, smooth process. Every time we rise from one level of consciousness to the next, we are not simply going through an evolutionary process. We are required to make a quantum leap in consciousness to rise from one level to the next. Then when we have reached the 144th level and then take that final leap to the ascended state.

As we rise through the levels and become more consciously aware of the process, we learn to quickly give up the current sense of self and be reborn as a new and more mature sense of self. The more we are used to this process, the less of a leap for us to leap into the ascended state. Yet it must be recognised that it is still a leap. And what does it require to make the quantum leap from one level to the next? It requires a conscious decision.

Master MORE cannot teach everyone. Many are not ready for the teaching that he can offer. It is for those who cried out, "there must be more to life!". It is for people who are ready for the path. First, we must be willing to consciously look at ourselves, our present situation in life, our interactions with other people, our beliefs, and our reactions to other people or our situation in life. And then, we need to ask ourselves a simple question: "Is my reaction to life getting me where I want to go?"

When we consider the law of action and reaction (cause and effect), we know that everything we do is an action that has a particular result, a specific effect, a specific consequence that we experience in our lives. So the question is simple: If we do not like what has been reflected to us from the cosmic mirror, are we willing to look at what we are sending out? Are we ready to then say: "If I do not like what is being reflected by the mirror, then I must be willing to change what I am projecting into the mirror, for I am the one who must take charge of changing my life. I cannot expect that I can continue to project into the mirror what I have always projected, and somehow by magic, the mirror will reflect something different to me."


Does it matter which came first? No! What matters is: Do we want to transcend this eternal, ongoing, never-ending human struggle? If we do not take command of our reaction, we cannot change what comes back from the mirror, but we keep reacting. And in a sense, we are reacting to our previous reaction. This can go on for a very long time.

So it would help if we pondered this. Are we willing to look at ourselves and say: "Master MORE, show me how my reaction keeps me trapped in this endless game. For truly, I have had enough of playing that game, and I want to rise towards the point where I can truly know that there is more to life. Thus, whatever it takes, Master MORE, I am willing to have you show me my reaction."


"I am not an ascended master because I had these great embodiments where I never made a mistake. I am indeed an ascended mater because I have made just about every possible mistake that one can make as a human being." ~ Master MORE

So, what is a right decision? A right decision is simple: No matter what we have done, we are willing to look at it honestly. We are willing to learn the lesson. And then, we are willing to decide to let the self that made a mistake die so that we can then make the quantum leap to a higher sense of self.


To start the path of the seven veils, we need to have the willingness to experiment from a slightly different perspective; what is this state of consciousness? Buddha called it "beginner's mind". Or Jesus "as innocence as a child". We could walk up through the initiations of the seven rays without losing our innocence. We would, of course, gain experience, but this would not take away our innocence, although we indeed would become more mature and in some ways more sophisticated. We would still be innocent in the sense that we would have no impure, self-centred intention about putting down other forms of life.

The primary goal of walking the path of the seven rays in the current conditions on Earth is precisely this. It is to recapture our innocence so that we can express the creative energies of the seven rays in complete innocence.


The school of hard knock is for those below the 48th level of consciousness. Once you reach the 48th level, we are completely done with the school of hard knocks, and now we want to enrol ourselves in the path of the seven veils. Then, we can attend the Etheric retreats and therefore attain that inner knowing that comes from remembering the lessons we have learned, even if we do not remember being given specific instructions.

The school of hard knocks are primarily learned through action. We take action, we see a result or encounter a physical outcome, and then we have the opportunity to learn or not to learn by evaluating the effect. Once we step up to the 48th level, we are no longer primarily learning through physical, external action. Our learning process now happens more within, within our mind, where we evaluate primarily what goes on in our mind and our emotions, but not so much the physical action. Even though, of course, you are still acting in the world. Yet, the primary concern here is to learn through other ways than through physical action.

We now see how to change our consciousness to avoid a specific karmic return from the universe. We enter the School of Inner Direction. We begin to have this inner knowing whereby we do not need to take so many physical actions. For we can now see, you can experience through an "aha" experience. "Yes, this does not work for me. This does not get me where I want to go in life."

It is when we start our spiritual journey through our own mystical experience with the Ascended Masters.