05 - Other Aspects of Self

Our Causal Body forms rings around our I AM Presence


One of the fantastic effects of studying the teachings of the Ascended Masters is that we realise we wasted nothing. It is easy to look at our lives and feel like we have gone through so much nonsense and so many unpleasant situations that we have wasted time and energy. Yet when we understand how our I AM Presence deals with our experiences, we see that we can turn anything into a positive learning experience.

Our Causal Bodies form rings (spheres) around our I AM Presence. These rings/spheres represent the attainment we have gathered through our journey in the material world, the mastery we have attained on the 7 spiritual rays.

This mastery is a product of our positive learning experiences - and take note that even what seems like a mistake can be turned into a positive learning experience. Thus, whatever we do here below, our Presence can learn from it and incorporate the lesson in our causal bodies.

In other words, when we identify ourselves as a limited self, we are immersed in that Self and the limitations it defines. Yet even though this is a limited experience, once we awaken to the realisation that we are not the lower Self, our experiences become positive. It is because we realise that we are more than the limited Self, and once we have had the experience enough times, we will begin to realise that we are more than any self in this world.

We also need to understand the ideal relationship between our I AM Presence and the Conscious You. The Conscious You have free will and make choices based on its perception in the material world, and can identify itself with the outer Self. It can only make decisions based on the perception filter that defines this Self - and through which it sees everything. It evaluates the outcomes of those decisions based on its perception filter. Thus we judge ourselves based on the same perception filter that caused us to make a particular decision. “Judging after appearances.”

In contrast, our I AM Presence does NOT see the world through our perception filter. Instead, it sees through the crystal clarity of the mind of Christ, and it does NOT judge us as we judge ourselves (or as other people judge us).

When our Conscious You sees itself as an extension of the Presence, and we no longer judge ourselves through the perception filter of the outer Self; we see our choices and consequences as our Presences see them.

This is the ONLY way to transcend the crippling guilt we have all been exposed to and which tends to paralyse us. The causal body becomes a storehouse for all of our positive learning experiences. Once we begin to tune in to it through our intuition, we can draw upon the experiences we have had in past lifetimes. It is why so many spiritual people have an inner knowing of what is right, even though they cannot always explain with the outer mind why they know it is right.

Our causal body can be seen as our cosmic database that can empower us to make the best possible decisions in any situation we encounter on Earth through the inner knowing of what we had learned from past lifetimes. We also have in our causal bodies a storehouse of correctly qualified energy. When we know to unlock it, the energy will give us a positive momentum for manifesting the kind of life circumstances we want here on Earth. The combination of wisdom and momentum from our causal bodies is the true power of Self.

How to unlock this creative potential? First, we must remove the filters that block our Oneness with the Presence.

The soul also acts as a storehouse for both experiences and energy. Yet, the experiences stored in the soul are based on our limited perception, limited beliefs and frustrated emotions.

Our soul also has a database, and most people draw on their negative experiences from past lives to make decisions. Unfortunately, they often act based on the momentum of misqualified emotions stored in the emotional bodies, which explains why people usually run away from something they fear without knowing why they fear it.

The Ascended Masters offer a viable, systematic path for transcending these old patterns. As we expand our awareness and purify our four lower bodies, we will gradually overcome the past momentums. Yet this becomes much easier when we understand the need to consciously examine our past momentums and consciously choose that we want to make decisions based on the database of our causal bodies rather than the database of the soul.


Our Christ Self in the nexus of the future eight flow as the mediator between the I AM Presence and the lower being.

Our Christ Self is a spiritual teacher that is sent to those who descend below the 48th level of consciousness, where people are so focused on the material realm that they lose the direct, inner sense of being connected to their I AM Presence. Thus they cannot receive instructions from the Presence of from the Ascended Masters.

The Christ Self is created by Ascended Masters, who lay down part of their energy to create a self that can descend and reach us in whatever state of consciousness we are at. This is done to fulfil an aspect of the cosmic Law of Free Will, which says that we have the right to descend into any state of consciousness we want but must always have a way to transcend that state of consciousness. It means we must always have access to a frame of reference from outside the perception filter of our current sense of self.

Thus, our Christ Self will descend with you, and at any time we are willing to listen, it will offer us a way to rise above our current level of consciousness. The Christ Self is inside our container of self, and thus we can hear it at any time by focusing on our heart and activating our intuitive faculties.

It does not take any superhuman or psychic abilities to hear the still, small voice of our Christ Self. It offers us an alternative to our current perception filter. However, it does not mean that our Christ Self offers us some absolute or ultimate truth because our Christ Self knows what we can and cannot accept based on our current perception filter. Thus the goal of our Christ Self is to offer us a frame of reference that is one step above our current perception.


Our Christ Self knows that we need to follow a gradual, step-by-step path from our current level of consciousness to the full Christ consciousness. It does not seek to get us to make this journey in one giant leap - as many spiritual seekers want and as some gurus claim they can do - it is seeking to help us take the next step, and then the next, and so on.

There is NEVER a situation where our Christ Self cannot reach us. We always have the option to hear our Christ Self; the question is whether we are willing to open our mind and heart to something beyond our current perception filter.

If we are not willing to reach beyond our current perception filter, we will not hear the voice of our Christ Self, but instead, we will listen to the louder voice of our ego, the mass consciousness or false teachers, who will tell us what we want to hear.

Whether we seek confirmation of your current perception or a frame of reference beyond your current perception, we will always find what you seek. Our outer selves always want assurance for what we are currently doing or believe. Since our Christ Selves only aim to help us transcend your state, they will never give us this validation. This means that the more focused we are on getting confirmation, the less we will be able to hear the “still small voice” of our Christ Selves.

It always seeks to help us grow, not trying to make us comfortable. Our ego seeks to stop our growth, and thus it will tell us what makes us feel comfortable to keep us under the ego’s control. It will also manipulate you into being very uncomfortable if that will help it control us. The ego sets up certain beliefs beyond questioning, thereby creating a mental box around our minds.

As we follow the spiritual path, we gradually put on the mind of Christ, where we gain the vision and discernment that empowers us to see through the many illusions created by the mind of the anti-Christ. It helps us reclaim the purity of our Self from the selfish beliefs that cause our suffering.

Through the mind of Christ, we can take dominion, first over ourselves and then over the material realm. We slowly walk to become the living Christ, our rightful position as the Christ in our being. We will then be “As Above, so below”. Meaning that our I AM Presence can now act through the I WILL Be Presence that we have become.

Our sense of identity in this world reflects our spiritual individuality, anchored in our Presence. We have then taken dominion over the earth, as symbolised by the globe under the feet of the Vitruvian man.

In our current state, the Conscious You has descended into the lower self and identifies itself as the outer self. This identification causes us to see a separation or distance between ourselves and the I AM Presence.

By attaining Christhood, the Conscious You ascends to the nexus of the figure-eight and occupies the position now held by our Christ Self.

As we attain Christhood, the Conscious You ascends to the nexus of the figure-eight and occupies the position now held by our Christ Self. It dissolves the distance, and thus we have transcended the old state. We are now “as Above, so below”.