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It is said that life is all about learning and growth, and we are all in the schoolroom.  Since we are born, we have not stopped learning.  We learned from our parents, our teachers and our surroundings.  As we grow up, we get distracted by the things of the world and may have gotten lost somewhere.  We become stagnant, we stop learning and growing, and we stop flowing with the River of Life.  As the Ascended Masters say, we can either learn from within, or we will have to learn from without.  We can learn from our Spiritual Teachers (the Ascended Masters who are also our "parents"), or we can learn from the School of Hard Knock.

Just like our parents teaching us things before we become independent, our Spiritual Teachers who had been in embodiment on Earth just like you and I, know exactly what we are going through, because they have also struggled with the density of the material world just like we struggle.  And that is why they can serve as the perfect teachers for showing us how we can avoid reinventing the wheel and making the same mistakes all over again.  Instead, we can follow the trail that the Masters have blazed through the jungle of the human consciousness.

Our Online Courses will be especially for spiritual seekers who are looking for answers, who questions why certain things happened to themselves in the world, and who are interested to learn how to take dominion of their own lives, to go on a path towards Self-Mastery and Ascension, and essentially, working towards Enlightenment.  The profound and practical teachings will enhance your personal path towards a higher state of consciousness.

Learn at your own pace at anytime anywhere.  Subscribe to our news to be informed of the courses when are are online.

Image by Aaron Burden
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